canon printer installation support

Canon printer installation

This Page Helps you to Download and Install Canon Driver on Windows PC, MAC. You get a Canon Driver online. You can install Canon Driver here or from To Download and Install Canon Driver  in USA or UK on your Windows PC, MAC.



Canon can provide an easy steps with the help of an easy installation of canon printers on your device. There service is very efficient and timely, for which you do not want to waste a lot of time to install canon printers. All this is available only when you receive the service from canon. They provide the best canon printer installation service from there trained and experienced technicians. The canon printer is not hard to obtain installed drivers.Canon multi-function printers are automatically installed on centralized Windows computers, so there is no need for you to accept them. You can identify their queues with names starting with SmartCard-PCL or SmartCard-PS. 

According to these instructions, you can install other canon printers  Canon Printer

How to install the new printer ? 

  • Install the printer from the HY folder in Open Hy Windows Start Menu. You can find the printer in the window that opens based on a serial number or location. You can see the serial number on the attached sticker attached to the printer. 
  • Enter the serial number of the printer in the search field. 
  • Click Search 
  • Printers corresponding to the search criteria  are visible below the search field in area  
  • The more detailed features of the printers are visible in field . 
  • Finally, click Install Printer(s) . 
  • NOTE: you can select a number of printers and install them at the same time. 
  • you will receive a confirmation that the installation succeeded. 
  • Check at the end which of the printers installed on your computer is the default printer. Open Devices and Printers from the Start menu. 
  • If necessary, you can change the default printer. 
  • Click the printer with the secondary button of the mouse and select Set as default printer from the menu that opens. 
  • The default printer is marked with small green right. All print jobs are directed to the selected printer if you do not change the target yourself from the print menu of the programs.